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Isola Luce, Isola Luce Candles, Palm Wax Candles by Isola LuceIsola Luce understands the spiritual, emotional as well as utilitarian value of candles for nothing enhances one’s surrounding quite like the warm romantic glow of candlelight. Everyone seems to love candles whether they are used for a special candlelit dinner or just for relaxation after a long hard day. The owners of Isola Luce Factory, Garrett and Connie Wesson were just avid candle buyers just like many other candle lovers. However, when they first discovered stearin candles in the fall of 1999, they immediately saw value, quality and exceptional beauty in one incredible package. They loved palm oil candles so much that they decided to start their own candle company dedicated to selling only Palm Oil Candles.
It is with the utmost pride that Isola Luce presents its line of 100% PALM OIL candles to the public because as a company it only want to bring the public the best the candle world has to offer. Isola Luce works hard to ensure the quality of its products. As Garrett Wesson states, "We always try our best to produce the most aesthetically pleasing shapes and the most vibrantly colored candles. We use only 100% palm oil to produce a candle that burns without smoke or soot. Our candles do not contain any Petroleum oil based Wax products."


Isola Luce, Isola Luce Candles, Island Light, Palm Oil Candles, Environmentally friendly candles.

Isola Luce Olive Leaves

Isola Luce, Isola Luce Candles, Island Light, Palm Oil Candles, Environmentally friendly candles.

Isola Luce Kumquat and Fig

Isola Luce, Isola Luce Candles, Island Light, Palm Oil Candles, Environmentally friendly candles.

Isola Luce Spanish Hibiscus


It is important to note that the palm oil used is harvested from palm kernels and NO TREES are harmed in the process. The palm oil used to make these candles are the same palm oil that many regional people have used to cook with for thousands of years and it is proven to be a Completely SAFE product. Isola Luce believes that people can enhance the beauty of their surroundings using candles that do not compromise the Environment. With the advent of Palm Oil candles, this is now a reality and thus everyone can truly enjoy burning exceptional candles, absolutely Guilt free.

Isola Luce also believes that using harmful dyes is not necessary because food coloring colors the candles just as beautifully. They realize as well that some candle manufacturers choose cheap lead core wicks for their candles in order to cut costs. Everyone at Isola Luce does not believe that people should subject themselves or their loved ones to the slightest possibility of lead poisoning. This is why we have chosen to import our 100% cotton wicks from Germany.

Isola Luce is dedicated to bringing candles that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but environmentally friendly as well. Quality is not something they take lightly, it cannot be compromised. Their line of candles has quality, value and beauty and they guarantee that once you have enjoyed the superior qualities of Palm Oil candles, you will never burn any other types of candles.

Isola Luce has since grown from a small business selling candles from a material not known for candle production to a company with a presence in the marketplace. They have sold their candles to such elite retail stores like Romanza Gifts and hotels such as the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino and Mandalay Bay Resort.

The ultimate goal of Isola Luce would be to reach everyone about the wonderful qualities of palm oil candles and make it the preferred candle of choice.


The packaging will blow your mind! Each candle come in a colorful satin-lined box with a satin ribbon. No other candlemaker puts so much into their beautiful boxes.

Romanza is very proud to offer Isola Luce candles!  Since the day we discovered them (back when they first started), they have been one of our favorite lines.  You really must try them!  Click on any image or scroll to the bottom of our website and click "Shop Online" or click on any picture on this page.

Isola Luce, Isola Luce Candles, Island Light, Palm Oil Candles, Environmentally friendly candles.

Isola Luce Tropical Sunrise

Ashanti, Island Romance Candle

Ashanti's favorite Island Romance Candle

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